Invite Sylvanian Families to Your Wedding

Iconic toy brand Sylvanian Families is on the hunt for a couple to host a ‘Sylvanian Families wedding’

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Photo: Apricot Tree Wedding Photography

Iconic ‘80s toy brand Sylvanian Families is searching for the ‘ultimate Sylvanian Families fan’ to take part in a Sylvanian-themed wedding. The lucky couple must be avid Sylvanian Families fans and already have a venue for their wedding booked for 2016. The chosen couple will have the iconic costumed characters at their special day. Sylvanian Families will also supply some decorations for the event as well as exclusive gifts for the bride and groom.

A Sylvanian Families photographer will also capture the event. The costumed characters will be available for photos during this once in a lifetime event.

Created in 1985, Sylvanian Families first came to the UK in 1987, making it 30 years’ young next year.

If you’re a big Sylvanian Families fan and think you fit the profile, then email

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