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Iconic toy brand releases food-themed range for modern times

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Iconic ‘80s toy brand Sylvanian Families has launched a range of food-themed playsets as part of an expansion of its Village Life range. The new products include the Hot Dog Van (RRP 24.99), Doughnut Store (RRP £17.99), Brick Oven Bakery (RRP £39.99) and Pizza Delivery Set (RRP 16.99). Iconic toy brand releases food-themed range for modern times

Bring the smell of baking bread and charm of veggie pizza and hot dogs to your Sylvanian Village with these cute, mouth-watering sets! The full range of products will be available from www.sylvanianfamilies.co.uk and www.sylvanianstorekeepers.com

The Pizza Delivery Set (over 25 pieces) includes Mortimer Bramble, the Hedgehog Father and delivery bike as well as five different varieties of thin crust and fluffy pizza. The Doughnut Store (over 30 pieces) includes Margaret Petite, the Bear Mother, wearing a special outfit, as well as various snacks and desserts, while the Hot Dog Van (40 pieces) includes a van, the cutest little uniform you ever did see, and various bits and bobs to make the tastiest hot-dog in Sylvanian Village! 

The Brick Oven Bakery (over 50 pieces), which is reminiscent of the iconic 1987 Sylvanian Families Bakery, will appeal to many nostalgic 30-something-year-old fans who will appreciate the fine detail of the product, which comes with 29 pieces of bread including croissants and pastries. This classic ‘renovated’ product also includes Eleanor Bramble, the Hedgehog Mother, in her traditional pizzeria-style uniform. 

             1987 Vintage Bakery                                 Brick Oven Bakery, RRP £39.99

Four new families have also moved into Sylvanian Village including The Cottontail Rabbit Family, Monkey Family, Red Panda Family and the Persian Cat Family. The Persian Cat Family will open a new Boutique, due to launch in June 2016, filled with cute outfit changes for your Sylvanians.

In March, Sylvanian Families will also expand their Seaside range to include a Seaside Ice Cream Shop (yum!), Secret Island Playhouse, where your Sylvanians can have all manner of adventures and Seaside Merry-Go-Round where they can twirl to their heart’s content. 

Available from all good toy retailers, including Hamleys and Smyths, the products can also be found on the official online brand store and in the London-based Sylvanian Families shop, as well as in various independent toy stockists (full list here: www.sylvanianfamilies.net/uk/shop).

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